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Offre N°22280 du Friday 02 June 2017

Born from an audacious challenge, Qwant is the first search engine to develop a genuine alternative on the European online search market.

What makes us unique is that we don’t track our users, we know nothing about each of them, and still, we aim to help them find what they are looking for on the Internet.

Ambitious, isn’t it?

Today, after a successful fundraising, we are looking for new talents to help us make the Web.

If you want your work to actually mean something and help millions of users, if you think that privacy matters even when you have “nothing to hide”, if you like to be challenged and you are not afraid of failure, then we might have a few things in common.

Product manager
Date de disponibilité : Asap
Référence : Product Manager
Poste :Chef de projet senior
 Product Manager
Contrat :CDI -- Indifférent --
Création de poste :oui
Région :Provence Alpes Cote d'azur
Lieu de travail : Nice

Détails :
You will be expected to:

-Lead the path of your team towards daily challenging situations
-Assess priorities and feasibility of new components for the product(s) you will be responsible for
-Design and optimize robust software, to cope with the challenges brought by tremendous amounts of users
-Look for opportunities for insights/datasets/components/code to be used across other functions across the organization
-Guarantee your product(s)’s quality by constantly evaluating its (their) strengths and weak spots
-Find and get in touch with potential partners to make your products even more awesome
-Keep your team’s work consistent with the company’s directions
-Working close to the sea and mountains, under the sun of the French Riviera

Société, 10 offres
16, avenue Thiers
06000 Nice