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Offre N°20883 du Tuesday 15 December 2015

Our Lab spans experimental (e) and theoretical (t) approaches in a desire to address fundamental problems in systems biology:
the integration of information — molecular information processing (t)
the disintegration of information — aging (e)
the evolution of information — evolvability (t)

We broadly view systems biology as a pursuit of twin goals:
* Understanding the dynamical processes that define biological organization in terms of interactions among molecular components, and
* Identifying those properties of a biological system that are necessary consequences of a particular level of organization.

The first goal represents a more traditional approach that seeks to identify and characterize biologically relevant descriptions of molecular organization. The second goal is inspired by evolutionary thinking and seeks to identify formal principles specific to biological organization that enable us to understand what is possible in any history of life.

The challenge of systems biology is not only experimental. It also is the challenge of inventing new styles of models that can cope with complexity and with rapidly evolving facts scattered across research communities. Computer science will contribute a necessary conceptual foundation, independent of physics and chemistry, to the future definition of the biological sciences.

Ocaml developer of web service
Date de disponibilité : 1 janvier 2016
Référence :
Poste :Développeur
Contrat :CDD Temps complet 39 heures
Création de poste :oui
Rémunération : salaries from
Région :{ Etranger }
Lieu de travail : Harvard Medical School Boston MA

Détails :
The Fontana Lab in Harvard (MA) is seeking programmers to develop the equivalent of an Integrated Development Environment for modeling complex systems of protein-protein interactions represented in a language known as ‘Kappa’. The ideal candidate has a significant command of functional programming (preferably OCaml as tools developed so far are in OCaml).
Any of the following is a plus: knowledge in network programing, web-programming/UI capabilities and experience with data visualization. A can-do attitude and an interest in systems biology help tremendously.
Our group promotes the welding of different disciplines into a powerful approach aimed at understanding and reprogramming the molecular operating system of cells.
A candidate pursuing an academic track could be hired as a college graduate intern. These positions are not meant to be research one but postdoc can apply to the Fontana Lab independently. Alternatively, a candidate could also be hired into a staff position.
Connaissances requises
gitBonnes ConnaissancesCamlBien maitrisé
JavaScriptConnaissances de bases

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Fontana Lab @ Harvard Medical
Department of Systems Biology
200 Longwood Avenue
Warren Alpert Building 513
02115 Boston, MA
Pierre Boutillier